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" Floyd A Blue & Gold Macaw
"BG" A Blue & Gold Macaw
" Bandit #2" A Black Headed Caique
" Bandit" A Black Headed Caique
2-2.5 wk. old Hahn's Macaws
Hahn's Macaws

Hahn's are by far one of our favorite! They are the smallest of the Macaws with all the charm and intelligence of the big ones. They are very good talkers and make great pets. The ones above are 10 wk. old.

Black Headed Caiques

Caiques are clowns! They are very active and playful. They require a daily variety of fresh fruits and veggie's. as well as a mixture of seed and pellets. They enjoy the company of other birds as well as people and should not be left alone for long period of times as they like to show off. These above are 5 day & 12 wk. old.

Baby White Capped Pionus

These birds make great pets! They have a lot of personality and they enjoy the company of people. They can talk and are not loud.


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